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Douglas Robertson Photography

Great photos, on demand

Technically I’ve learnt a lot during 30 years as a professional photographer working for extremely varied clients including some of the country’s leading corporates, trade unions, arts organisations, publishers and countless smaller institutions. 

But more important is knowing that clients want a photographer who listens carefully to a brief and responds by providing a variety of shots that totally capture and enhance their project, a photographer who is flexible and able to adapt to their needs and who is reliable in delivering their pictures how and when they want them.

If you further believe that a photographer should be able to interact with your people, to reassure, and to coax a relaxed portrait from even the most reluctant subject then give me a call on 07930 433834 or email me via info@douglasinscotland.co.uk.

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I work with a wide range of clients from big corporations to charities, from theatre companies to individual artists

Studio Sessions

I have my own studio in Edinburgh City Centre available for a range of shoots. With natural light and studio flash.

My philosophy

Your brief delivered to your deadline, every time.

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